Open all bookmarks from a folder in Chrome at once with an Alfred workflow

Use case: I usually start a day with a bunch of tabs open: my tasks inbox, tasks for today, tasks queue and projects list. I’d like to open all of them at once using a keyboard shortcut.

Solution: Alfred workflow to open all bookmarks from a folder.

Download: Workflow ‘Open bookmarks folder Start My Day’.


  1. Install the workflow.
  2. Set up a shortcut. Default is: ⌃⌥⌘ + S
  3. Put some bookmarks into a folder called ‘Start My Day’.
  4. Make sure the folder is inside ‘Bookmarks Bar’ folder.

To open bookmarks page in Chrome paste this into the address bar: chrome://bookmarks/

And there you have it!

Kudos for the script to @adayzdone on stackoverflow.

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