Wellbeing Concept Map

Trying to grasp the difference between wellbeing-related concepts.

Huge issue with such hierarchical representation: all of those concepts are much more interconnected.

The hierarchical representation simplifies complex relationships for the sake of clarity, but real life is rarely so neat and linear. Many of these terms are deeply interconnected, often influencing one another in a cyclical or symbiotic manner.

For example, mental health impacts physical health and vice versa, just as emotional intelligence can influence resilience and overall wellbeing. Similarly, quality of life might impact and be impacted by multiple other factors, like physical health, emotional state, and even sustainability efforts.

So while hierarchical diagrams are useful for providing a high-level view, they can sometimes miss the intricacies and interconnectedness that exist in these complex systems. In a more nuanced representation, you’d probably see many cross-links and perhaps even feedback loops between these terms.

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