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Podio bulk edit

Yep, you heard it right. You can now bulk edit your items in Podio. This awesome feature has been long awaited and finally came up with an update of Podio Supermenu extension.
Podio team hasn’t been very responsive to its users’ requests. Here,  here and here they’ve been asking for bulk updating and… got nothing. So the guys behind incredible Globiflow extension did it.

Thanks, globiflow team, you rock!

Consequently, this solution isn’t native to Podio and requires a few steps to enable it.

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Podio Kanban (Trello-like) Cards View Trick

I love Trello’s visual presentation of items on boards. Kanban style. I gives me almost tactile sensation. Brilliant! But I also love Podio’s ability to adjust item’s structure to it’s contents. I’d call it poetry if I were more romantic. So I try to combine them. Podio kanban view (as I prefer to call cards layout) is quite limited comparing to Trello, but it can be a little bit facelifted.

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