Our client’s Shopify store connects to Brightpearl ERP with it’s internal app. It syncs inventory and Shopify orders and can download products created in Shopify. Occasionally, orders aren’t downloaded to Brightpearl. This situation is very rare but quite annoying. Unfortunately, BP doesn’t have built-in notifications for this case. So we’ve created it.

Corezoid process that connects Shopify to Brightpearl

Our Corezoid process is quite straightforward. It’s fed by Shopify webhook that fires up every time any new order comes to the store. Then we search for that order in BP. We have a loop that checks every order 15 times every two mins if it wasn’t found. Here’s a simplified model in BPM notation:

Shopify to Brightpearl Order Download.png

created with Bizagi Modeler

As a pleasant bonus, we’ve added a customer notification text message to the process. It’s a polite way to say ‘thank you’ and supply a customer with BP order number. It’s more convenient when buyers have BP order id instead of Shopify’s order number. They can easily relate to that order in a chat with customer support guys. Texts are sent by Unisender gateway.