My projects

NB! I am an amateur in software development, and some of these were made possible by LLMs. So it’s also a showcase of what can be done with the help of ChatGPT-like applications.

More on the use cases for ChatGPT


Nov 23 / Logseq Slavsko Theme ⛰️

Minimal light Logseq theme with bold typography and Cyrillic font support.

Status: Published on GitHub. Waiting to become available from Logseq marketplace.

Sep 23 / LibreView CGM data preprocessing script.

Status: not published. There’s a python script that could be run locally. Comment below to request.

Aug 23 / Workout Tracker 🏋🏼

A simple React web app with AITable as database for tracking my workouts.

Status: not published. Comment below to request.

Jul 23 / Alfred workflow to open all bookmarks from a folder

Status: published. Download.

Jul 23 / Fasting Tracker 🥘

iOS Shortcut + AITable as database.

Status: not published. Comment below to request.

Apr 23 / Markdown Copier for Logseq

Chrome extension that makes it easy to copy text and page links to Logseq or any other markdown-based text editor.

Status: Published on the Chrome Web Store.

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