Podio Kanban (Trello-like) Cards View Trick

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I love Trello’s visual presentation of items on boards. Kanban style. I gives me almost tactile sensation. Brilliant! But I also love Podio’s ability to adjust item’s structure to it’s contents. I’d call it poetry if I were more romantic. So I try to combine them. Podio kanban view (as I prefer to call cards layout) is quite limited comparing to Trello, but it can be a little bit facelifted.

First. If you add an image field to Podio item and upload a nice rectangular pic, you’ll see it as a card cover. I still haven’t used it a lot. Partly because it looks nice only when your image matches certain proportions.

Podio card’s cover image

Second. You can go minimalistic. We know that Podio shows contact’s avatar as a neat pic in the left corner of a card. We can use it. If we don’t need to see who’s responsible for that item (maybe it’s a personal workspace), we can adapt contact field to serve as a visual tag:

Add priority tags to your card view

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add a contact type field to your app, name it something like “Visual Tag” or “Priority”
  2. Set it to use Workspace contacts
  3. Create a contact with a high contrast icon as avatar (I’ve just googled images for “1” and “2” for these)
  4. Profit!

Unfortunately this allows us to have only one tag per card, but take it as an exercise in simplicity.

Do you use Podio Kanban style? What for? Project planning? Software development sprints? Please share your experience.

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