Podio bulk edit

NB! This publication may be outdated. Please double-check relevant sources before following the instructions.

Yep, you heard it right. You can now bulk edit your items in Podio. This awesome feature has been long awaited and finally came up with an update of Podio Supermenu extension.
Podio team hasn’t been very responsive to its users’ requests. Here,  here and here they’ve been asking for bulk updating and… got nothing. So the guys behind incredible Globiflow extension did it.

Thanks, globiflow team, you rock!

Consequently, this solution isn’t native to Podio and requires a few steps to enable it.


How to enable Podio bulk edit

  1. Firstly, you have to install the Podio Supermenu extension.
  2. Then chose an app you want to be able to mass update. Find a little gears icon near its name: Podio bulk edit setup1
  3. Tick a box that says ‘Add Edit View as Spreadsheet Button’: Podio bulk edit setup2
  4. Go to your Podio account, open up Supermenu drawer (click the Podio logo) and then hit ‘Update’ in the right corner. Here it is.
  5. After the page refresh, you should see an orange ‘Sheet’ button in the app you’ve just configured with Supermenu: Podio bulk edit setup3
  6. Now it’s time to rock! You can edit multiple items at once like a spreadsheet table.

Watch out for a little ‘Pending updates’ box in the  top left corner of the page. Don’t close the page until all updates are done!

P.S. If you like Podio and want to know how to use it as a kanban tool, you can read my post Podio Kanban View Trick.

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Did anybody ever find an answer to this? I also am not able to open the supermenu drawer.

When I click ‘sheet’, it reads ‘could not determine view ID. please select Full (blue) View on the left’

Any ideas?

can you bulk edit related field items? I want to tie a list of items (plural) to another item (singular) within another (related app) via the related app field within the original item. It doesn’t appear I can do this using the sheets option with the podio extension. help?