Novaposhta tracking automated

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We use Brightpearl inventory management software for our e-commerce business. Here’s another post from the Brightpearl Automation series, where we share our experience  of business process automation with Corezoid cloud OS.

Novaposhta logo
Novaposhta is the leader in express delivery in Ukraine. Most e-commerce businesses here are using their services. They also have a documented API, which is open to all customers after registration. We use it to track sent package states and switch sales order statuses accordingly.

Novaposhta’s API also allows registering packages before sending them to get a tracking reference and make sure order recipient data is correct. We’ll focus on that a bit later.

Novaposhta tracking and shipped order sms notification

When a sales order is shipped, we want to notify our customer about this event and start following package states until it is received. We used to send text notifications via native Clickatell integration and then manually check parcel state at our primary carrier Nova Poshta website. Naturally, our managers were doing parcel state check on rare occasions. Therefore, we were not able to identify orders that needed special attention soon enough. The thing is, cash-on-delivery orders are most frequent here in Ukraine because of an immature credit card payments market. So we have to track which order hasn’t been received yet and remind a customer to do it.

Here’s what we’ve done to tackle this problem. When a sales order (SO) is shipped, our Corezoid automation:

  • sends an SMS to customer mobile number via Unisender SMS gateway, which is two times cheaper than Clickatell (for local Ukrainian mobile numbers) and at the same time is more reliable;
  • posts the SMS text, including parcel tracking number, as an order note for future reference;
  • changes order status to ‘Arrived at warehouse’ when the parcel has arrived at the destination warehouse (our clients usually choose delivery to their local carrier’s office);
  • changes order status to ‘Delivered’ when the customer has received the package or to ‘Completed’ if the order has already been completely paid.

It took hours to check manually package state at our carrier website for each order before the automation. Now we don’t have to worry about it.

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