🧭 Logseq Dashboard For Life Planning

I’ve been long developing my planning and review system using different note-taking applications. Recently, I’ve transitioned to Logseq, a powerful tool that allows you to create a personalised Logseq dashboard. It works almost identically to Roam Research, but is based on local text files instead of an external database. Here’s an overview example of what you can build for yourself.

Building Your Logseq Dashboard Page

Here’s how my life planning dashboard looks now

Each entry in the table on your Logseq dashboard represents a unique page within the system. These pages collect links to related documents for different time periods. The beauty of this is that it’s all built on simple queries readily available within Logseq, making dashboard customization a breeze.

{{query (and (page-tags [[🧭 life planning]]) (page-tags [[worksheet]]))}}

I’m utilising page meta data feature to add page tags and statuses:

To add metadata to a page you simply write it in the first line of the page:

tags:: [[🧭 Life Planning]], [[worksheet]] 
status:: #status-in-use 
last-review:: [[2023-07-18]] 

Vision-specific pages

These are specialized pages within your Logseq dashboard that gather planning notes from various perspectives:

  • 🎯 Attention zones and desired outcomes,
  • 🌟️ Focus zones,
  • 👨🏻 My long-term health plans and goals
  • 🪣 My Bucket List

‘🏃Long-Term Plans’ is a page that links pages with plans for each year and multi-year documents.

Period reports

Here’s pages that collect period reports that I write:

  • Yearly report
  • Quarterly report
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly report

For example here’s how quarterly report page looks like:

Quarterly report page

Here I link individual report pages manually.

Why build such a cumbersome system

If you want plans to come true, you need a cascading planning system. Meaning a way to turn long-term vision into daily actions. I use vision-specific pages and periodical reports to compare my actual performance with my vision for the future. Also I don’t have a proven one-fits-all approach and these are my attempts.

My previous post on long-term planning:


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