We help founders automate their ecommerce business

Here’s what we do to accomplish this:

  • ask questions about your business,
  • discuss your ideas,
  • identify pain points and
  • come up with a solution.

Often business owners come to us with something like this:

I saw your xxx.com case. I need you to do the same for me.

That’s completely ok to start with. But we don’t want to create a copy of the script blindly. We want to add significant value to our clients’ business. Value that exceeds the costs 10x or more.

So we ask ‘WHY?’.

Why do you need this? Why do you want it to work exactly like this?

Sometimes, this ‘why’ questions chain helps us come up with entirely different but much better solution. In any case, we’ll have a thorough project description.

How we work

Phase 1. Project scope discussion

We’re based in Ukraine. It’s GMT+3 here. Most of our clients are quite busy business owners from the USA (7-8 hours offset) and it’s quite a pain to schedule a call with them. Also, usually thoughts emerge most clearly when written down.

That’s why we prefer to communicate asynchronously via email or project management app (We highly recommend Podio).

If necessary, we compile a project scope document, which describes our future project in detail.

Phase 2. Payment

We work on a basis of advance payment. When all the details arranged, we issue an invoice that should be paid within a five business days span. Our privacy and refund policy is listed here.

Phase 3. Development

Development phase normally lasts no more than two weeks. We prefer to split big projects into smaller ones and ship working software faster.

We’ll probably ask you to create an API access key for us in your store (here’s how to do it in Shopify) or any other tool we’ll be working with. We promise that all your data will be safe, and you’ll be able to turn off our API access whenever you want. We won’t do any changes to your store theme or setup unless agreed.

Phase 4. Testing

We’ll do real-world tests of our flows. If your store is live, we’ll be watching it closely for a few days. If anything unexpected comes up, we’ll create a patch promptly and fix errors retrospectively.