How to export raw data in .csv from CGM Freestyle Libre 3

Step 1. Log into your LibreView account at

Step 2. Switch to Glucose History in the top left part of the page.

Step 3. Click on the Download Glucose Data button at the top right of the Glucose History page.

After confirming you’re not a spam bot, download process should begin. You’ll get a .csv file that could be analysed, uploaded to third-party apps, etc.

💬 Please tell me in the comments how you plan to use your CGM data? I’m curious of all the possible use cases.

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I am looking to compare Dexcom G7 with Libre 3,because sometimes my Dexcom shows false low readings. I am trying to determine the reason why, but have not succeeded so far. Maybe a couple of bad sensors

I export my data so that I can use another app to import it into Apple Health. It’s a shame Abbott doesn’t have that built in.

I want to do my own glycemic load and index measurements. I used a Libre 2 for a few months, but was unable to coax the raw data out of the app.

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