How to change default link anchor for Readwise imported highlights in Logseq/Obsidian


Default anchor to highlight location in Readwise imported highlights is a bit noisy:


Change it to just a ‘*’ symbol.

In Readwise export preferences for your current PKM system, in my case, navigate to section ‘Highlight’ and paste this piece of code instead of the default:

{{ highlight_text }}{% if highlight_location and highlight_location_url %} [*]({{highlight_location_url}}){% elif highlight_location %} {{highlight_location}}{% endif %}
    {% if highlight_tags %}
    **Tags**: {% for tag in highlight_tags %}#[[{{tag}}]] {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
    {% if highlight_note %}
    **Note**: {{ highlight_note }}
    {% endif %}

See the [*]? It’s your highlight link anchor. You can leave it as it is or change to anything of your liking.


Much cleaner highlights page:

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