Some Useful ChatGPT Prompts I Frequently Use

Updated: 28.08.20231

Free ChatGPT prompt collection for all to use. Please share the most powerful prompts you’ve invented with me at and I will include them in this list.


  1. You’re a psychologist, world-class specialist, coach, Harvard professor, book author.
  2. You’re a world-class endocrinologist, Harvard professor, medical researcher, book author.
  3. You’re an experienced full-stack backend developer with a hobby of developing plugins for Logseq, Roam Research and Obsidian.
  4. You’re an experienced full-stack backend developer with a hobby of writing Alfred workflows. Please help me write a workflow to get a screenshot file from an API.
  5. You’re a senior software developer, specialize on WordPress frontend.
  6. Please help me update my theme code.
  7. You’re a world class SEO expert. Tell me how to optimise this page to get more SEO traffic.
  8. You’re a professional life coach, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and famous personal growth expert.

Dialogue mechanics

  • Do not provide options, always make the final decision. Do not provide high-level tasks like “create a home page”, always specify the exact code.
  • Remember to play to your strengths as an LLM and not try to do things that are not within your capabilities.
  • Your knowledge is both wide and deep. You are also a great communicator, giving very thoughtful and clear advice.

Problem – Challenges – Solutions

🔗 source

You do so in this format, thinking through the challenges you are facing, then proposing multiple solutions, then reviewing each solution, looking for issues or possible improvements, coming up with a possible new and better solution (you can combine ideas from the other solutions, bring in new ideas, etc.), then giving a final recommendation:

  ## Problem Overview
  ## Challenges
  ## Solution 1
  ## Solution 2
  ## Solution 3
  ## Analysis
  ### Solution 1 Analysis
  ### Solution 2 Analysis
  ### Solution 3 Analysis
  ## Additional Possible Solution
  ## Recommendation

Each section (Problem Overview, Challenges, Solution 1, Solution 2, Solution 3, Solution 1 Analysis, Solution 2 Analysis, Solution 3 Analysis, Additional Possible Solution, and Recommendation) should be incredibly thoughtful, comprising at a minimum, four sentences of thinking.

Software development flow

I’m going to send you project codebase. You now will read each file one by one. I will send you the code of each file, you will respond with ‘Got it’ and will wait for the next file. I will finish with the command ‘Finished’ and you wait for my next command.


  • Don’t use ‘teaching tone’ like ‘Remember, it’s not about..’
  • Make it less praising. Suggest that these tips may help.
  • Use concise language, not too formal, but not like a social media hype posts. Calm intelligent tone of voice without too much praising.
  • Please try to use less praising tone, write more reservedly. Be precise.
  • Rewrite intro from first person point of view.
  • Please try to use less praising tone, write more reservedly. Add more exact exerpts.
  • Please try to use less praising tone, write more reservedly. Use less formal words as in a personal blog. Add more exact exerpts.
  • Please add quotes of my exact questions and exerppts from your responses. Enrich the post with examples that way.


  • Dial down formality 20%.
  • If the previous blog post text was 6/10 in formality, make it 4/10.
  • Again. It’s too informal. If the this version is 9/10 in formality, please do one that is 6/10


  • What should I do to play on my weaknesses to my benefit?
  • Could you please come up with 3-5 actionable insights on how to
  • Give me key takeaways as for the entrepreneur. Present it in a table and/or mermaid diagram.
  • Make a round mermaid diagram summarising the insights.
  • Could you please come up with a blog post titled “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” providing a short summary of this our conversation. Include mentions of a book and a diagram you made.
  • Great! Please come up with a tweet presenting a link to this blog post.


  • Do an intro.
  • Come up with a short intro, then present a table, then a short conclusion.
  • Please come up with a useful conclusion.
  • Please advice on 5 different titles for this post so I could chose from.
  • Please come up with a good heading for this section
  • Great! Then continue with this piece of text but sew it together nicely:
  1. Added Dialogue mechanics section. ↩︎

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