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How to create Shopify private app

Basically, Shopify private apps live here:

To create an app, you’d go to, get it a name (use something descriptive like Automatic Customer Tag by 99rabbits), supply it with our email and hit ‘Save app’.

Then you’ll be presented with apps’ API credentials. You need to copy all of them and hand over to us.

Should look like this:



Shared Secret

URL Format

Example URL

NB! You’ll be able to disable the app and completely turn off our API access whenever you like.

Shopify & Brightpearl Product Generator Template

We’ve created 7000+ products at our Shopify store since moving to this ecommerce platform. This is a lot of manual work to do! So in the process, we’ve developed a Google Spreadsheet template I’d like to share with you. It uses some quite advanced formulas (like ArrayFormula and Regexreplace) and requires some time to get it. However, we managed to teach our not so nerdy content manager to use it, which means you probably can do it too 😉

I’ve built a simplified public copy of our template, which can be found here. Feel free to copy and modify it to your needs. If you don’t use Brightpearl ERP, feel free to delete sheets ‘5’ and ‘5.1’ (cause they may slow down your doc a bit).

Next, I’m going to explain how to use the template.

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Shopify Customer Auto Tag App

Our client wanted to build a membership only area within his Shopify store. He installed Locksmith app and opened certain product collections only to customers who have bought VIP membership. We’ve created a simple app that automatically tags a customer when he buys a membership so he can immediately access protected sections of the store.

We are thinking of creating a public app at the Shopify store, but it will take some time. So here’s how it works now.

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Shopify to Brightpearl order download issue

Our client’s Shopify store connects to Brightpearl ERP with it’s internal app. It syncs inventory and Shopify orders and can download products created in Shopify. Occasionally, orders aren’t downloaded to Brightpearl. This situation is very rare but quite annoying. Unfortunately, BP doesn’t have built-in notifications for this case. So we’ve created it.

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My Shopify Review — Why you should stop comparing and start selling ASAP

Thinking about opening your own online store? Just googled for ‘Shopify reviews?’ Or Bigcommerce pros and cons? Or maybe WooCommerce is a platform you favor? Choices are plenty. And this may overwhelm. In this post, I’ll tell you why you should stop comparing and freaking start selling now! But first a short story in which I tell how I made all the wrong choices that nearly ruined my business.
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Shopify Hacks

I decided to make up a list of Shopify hacks or rather tips that don’t involve coding or other hardcore techie stuff. I’ll try to collect these hacks and update this post whenever I find new ones. Please share yours in the comments and I’ll test them and add to the post.

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Free responsive html email templates for Shopify notifications

This one will be short. If you want to customize you default Shopify notifications (and you’d better do that) and create beautiful responsive html emails, you should definitely check out Klaviyo. They’ve created a few ready Shopify email templates, which could be used for free. There’s even no need to install any app.

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