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How to Connect MailChimp to Corezoid using Zapier

Use case: we want to connect MailChimp to Corezoid in order to build automations based on a new subscriber event. For example, send them welcome email series or sync them with another database.
Problem: MailChimp sends webhooks not in JSON format that is supported by Corezoid.

Solution: use Zapier which is already connected to Mailchimp to send JSON webhooks to Corezoid.

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Email Sign-Up Confirmation Page Examples and Best Practices

Do you know your email confirmation rate? If you are serious about your email marketing, you probably should check it. How many subscribers are you losing due to boring typical ESP double opt-in confirmation? With a bit of tweaking, your confirmation rate can be improved.

Below are a few good email sign-up confirmation page examples and I’ve stumbled upon lately. I turned them into 7 actionable easy to implement pieces.
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