Another use case from one of our clients: Shopify and Brightpearl new order check.

As I’ve already posted in Brightpearl issues piece, occasionally, orders from Shopify aren’t downloaded to Brightpearl. This situation is very rare but quite annoying. Unfortunately, BP doesn’t have built-in notifications for this case. Also, sometimes order total in BP may differ from that in the original order in Shopify. This happens when some of your Shopify products are missing from BP. We can fix these issues with our custom Brightpearl private app. Here’s a short manual for store administrators on how to create such app.

STEP 1. Create a new user in BP

  1. In BP go to Settings → Staff / Users → Add new staff member.
  2. Add ’99rabbits Robot’ as a new staff member. Use our email for him.
  3. Then edit new user permissions → turn everything off except ‘API access’.
  4. Brightpearl API user settingsHit ‘Save’.

STEP 2. Create a private app

  1. Go to the App Store → Private Apps: Brightpearl Private App How-To
  2. Hit “Add private app” green button to the right.
  3. Fill in the form like this: Brightpearl Private App How-To2Change ‘your account’ to your actual BP account name. Copy app identifier (third step) somewhere. You’ll need to send it to your private app developer.
  4. Click Install.
  5. You’ll be redirected to your apps list. Click ‘manage users’ there:  Brightpearl Private App How-To3
  6. Choose your newly created staff member 99rabbits Robot in the selector to the right and click ‘Add’ button.
  7. Now you’ve connected your robouser to the app. You’re going to be presented with the user’s token.

    API token a string of letters and numbers, which usually looks something like this: fjh41hfghjhgk1jhk11fhyiko11ghkllre6ooo111fgheww

STEP 3. Send your private app developer API access details

Copy the token you’ve generated on the previous step and hand over to your private app developer. He’ll also need your app identifier, which you filled out on step 2.

You also can find it here: App Store → Private Apps → app reference column.

Now everything he does to your BP account will be marked as this robouser actions. You’ll be able to filter his activity on the recent activity screen.