Our client wanted to build a membership only area within his Shopify store. He installed Locksmith app and opened certain product collections only to customers who have bought VIP membership. We’ve created a simple app that automatically tags a customer when he buys a membership so he can immediately access protected sections of the store.

We are thinking of creating a public app at the Shopify store, but it will take some time. So here’s how it works now.

In this scenario, VIP membership is a regular product that can be sold as usual. It may be placed in the ‘Memberships’ collection. Our app is constantly monitoring store’s orders, checks if the order contains products that belong to ‘Memberships’ collection, and if it does, adds that customer a tag you specify. ‘VIP’ in this case.

As I already said, our automation works as a private app right now. Private apps are easier and much quicker to create than public but require a few more steps from the store admin side:

  • create a private app (3 clicks of a mouse, really) inside admin area
  • send us apps’ API credentials
  • create a webhook notification in Shopify.

Private apps can be turned off whenever a store admin wants. Immediately after that, we won’t be able to access the store via API and change anything. It’s completely safe.

We are looking forward to working with other Shopify stores that have similar requirements. We can quickly customize the app and add complex rules to its logic. For example, we can add various membership levels based on the number of orders that particular customer placed, his total spending at the store or even his zip code.