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Shopify Hacks

I decided to make up a list of Shopify hacks or rather tips that don’t involve coding or other hardcore techie stuff. I’ll try to collect these hacks and update this post whenever I find new ones. Please share yours in the comments and I’ll test them and add to the post.

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A formula that helps describe your desired life for this year

Today I’m in a good mood. I’m doing a very pleasant exercise: writing down things I want to do and don’t want to do this year. This is not a list of projects or down to earth task list. Not at all. It’s more about who I want to be rather than what I’m going to do.

These are mainly my ideas (maybe unconsciously stolen from some personal productivity technique, I don’t know) that are meant to be done for fun. Just to take some time for reflections. To discover things that matter to you. 
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Squeaker Poochlight smart popup copy

Wow! Very creative popup with a message from a pet store founder 😉
Smart popup copy by

In times of boring ‘No Time To Explain. Subscribe!’ popups Squeakerdogs’ team is doing a good job of entertaining us with such simple things and I’m sure enjoying pretty decent conversion rates.

My personal productivity story

Here’s my typical day a year ago.

Wake up thinking ‘Today will be different! Today I’ll be doing my best work’.
Open up my gmail, start answering to some creepy commercial offers, oh, Anna’s is calling, what’s up, Anna? Aha, you don’t know how to cancel an order? Ok, I’ll help you…
A few hours later I realize I still didn’t start doing something that matters. But now I need to answer these two emails that sit in my ‘To Do’ folder and became really urgent a week ago…

This is an intro to my personal productivity for small business owners series. Read on.

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Free responsive html email templates for Shopify notifications

This one will be short. If you want to customize you default Shopify notifications (and you’d better do that) and create beautiful responsive html emails, you should definitely check out Klaviyo. They’ve created a few ready Shopify email templates, which could be used for free. There’s even no need to install any app.

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Optimonk as a cheap Bounce Exchange alternative

I was so glad I found Optimonk, I even wakened up my sleeping girlfriend in the middle of the night! 2 min of installation (just paste a few lines of code) and we weren’t ever to pay again 150$ for a glitchy popup service. We’ve been using Picreel exit intent popup at that time and were definitely not satisfied with it. Here’s my experience with this Picreel and Bounce Exchange alternative.

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The single most powerful thing you can do today to change your life for the better

Always hated this type of titles.

Put your phone on silent mode. Forever.

Yep. That’s what I’ve done recently. My Nexus is still always with me. It just doesn’t produce unnecessary noise. It’s been on silent mode for a couple of months already. And I feel I’ve never been so productive in my whole life. So I decided to share with the world the results of my experiments with default communication practices. I know you won’t believe me. I know you feel that it may be very liberating, but you probably think it’s not for you. It’s for those productivity junkies that don’t let themselves breathe freely for a second. Well, I still encourage you to read further and try it for a week or two. It won’t hurt.

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