How to Connect MailChimp to Corezoid using Zapier

Use case: we want to connect MailChimp to Corezoid in order to build automations based on a new subscriber event. For example, send them welcome email series or sync them with another database.
Problem: MailChimp sends webhooks not in JSON format that is supported by Corezoid.

Solution: use Zapier which is already connected to Mailchimp to send JSON webhooks to Corezoid.

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Connect Twilio, Unisender, MessageBird or other sms gateways to Brightpearl

We use Brightpearl inventory management software in our ecommerce business. Here’s another post from my Brightpearl Automation series.

Ecommerce stores normally send various sms notifications to their customers. These include: ‘your order has been shipped’, ‘we couldn’t reach you by phone, please call back’, ‘your payment has been received successfully’ etc. This is a good way to communicate crucial information to your customers, especially if they don’t rely so much on email, as does our typical customer here in Ukraine.

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Brightpearl Automation

I’ve been using Brightpearl ERP since the mid-2014 at my online store It’s a great SAAS ERP for e-commerce that literally changed everything about how we do things and significantly improved our processes.

However, there’re still a lot of stuff in Brightpearl we’d like to improve or completely automate. For example, we wanted to integrate it with our local package carrier Nova Poshta. Also, we had a depressing experience with BP’s native sms gateway Clickatell. BP team have told me that they don’t have plans to add other gateways. So I started looking for solutions… And I found one.

We now use Corezoid to build Brightpearl automation workflows. It’s a service that lets you create your own applications connecting various apps via API. You do it by creating visual process scheme so you don’t have to write code (maybe you’ll have to copy/paste a few lines of JavaScript). Naturally, it’s a cloud platform, plus it’s cheap, runs on Amazon servers and allows non-programmers to quickly make necessary adjustments on the go.

Here’s what we’ve implemented with Corezoid so far (updated 05/19/16):

  1. New order check and customer notification for a Shopify store; Including copying order notes from Shopify cart, which aren’t being transferred to BP since some time ago.
  2. Created basic Brightpearl and Novaposhta carrier integration.
  3. Product List + Inventory summary + Price list export to a CSV file for our 40k+ SKU product database.
  4. Custom automatic product download from Shopify.
  5. Custom order packing and shipping interface with barcode scanner support.
  6. Real-time shipping date calculation for our Shopify store (based on warehouse availability).
  7. Inventory sync patch for warehouses that don’t have BP’s native product allocation enabled (long story which deserves a post of its own).
  8. Replaced Clickatell for shipped order sms notification with Unisender;
  9. Order due date check. Notify our staff if an order in progress doesn’t have a due date.
  10. Order status update as a text message to a customer.
  11. Conditions based automatic order status change. ‘Waiting for a customer’ → ‘Call the customer’.
  12. Automatic client notification if the order is waiting for payment more than two business days.
  13. Created other various order status based automations.

BTW, we choose Unisender as a text message service, but you quickly can connect Twilio to Brightpearl.

Brightpearl automation services

We now offer Brightpearl automation services for ecommerce business owners. If you’re interested in one of the patches I described here or some custom development, please drop me a line at You’ll be amazed how these automation flows can streamline your operations and how cost-effective they are.

Email Sign-Up Confirmation Page Examples and Best Practices

Do you know your email confirmation rate? If you are serious about your email marketing, you probably should check it. How many subscribers are you losing due to boring typical ESP double opt-in confirmation? With a bit of tweaking, your confirmation rate can be improved.

Below are a few good email sign-up confirmation page examples and I’ve stumbled upon lately. I turned them into 7 actionable easy to implement pieces.
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My Shopify Review — Why you should stop comparing and start selling ASAP

Thinking about opening your own online store? Just googled for ‘Shopify reviews?’ Or Bigcommerce pros and cons? Or maybe WooCommerce is a platform you favor? Choices are plenty. And this may overwhelm. In this post, I’ll tell you why you should stop comparing and freaking start selling now! But first a short story in which I tell how I made all the wrong choices that nearly ruined my business.
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Business Owner’s Paradox of Quick Problem-solving

I’ve been managing my business for 7 years now. All these years I didn’t realize that I was working inside my business not working on my business. I was self-employed. Why? Because of a constant flow of requests from my team. I couldn’t do anything without being interrupted. I was dealing with routine tasks and almost completely ignored important stuff. Moreover, I grew so attached to my business that I couldn’t even imagine myself doing something else. I still have to conquer this feeling inside.
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Podio Kanban (Trello-like) Cards View Trick

I love Trello’s visual presentation of items on boards. Kanban style. I gives me almost tactile sensation. Brilliant! But I also love Podio’s ability to adjust item’s structure to it’s contents. I’d call it poetry if I were more romantic. So I try to combine them. Podio kanban view (as I prefer to call cards layout) is quite limited comparing to Trello, but it can be a little bit facelifted.

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Shopify Hacks

I decided to make up a list of Shopify hacks or rather tips that don’t involve coding or other hardcore techie stuff. I’ll try to collect these hacks and update this post whenever I find new ones. Please share yours in the comments and I’ll test them and add to the post.

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A formula that helps describe your desired life for this year

Today I’m in a good mood. I’m doing a very pleasant exercise: writing down things I want to do and don’t want to do this year. This is not a list of projects or down to earth task list. Not at all. It’s more about who I want to be rather than what I’m going to do.

These are mainly my ideas (maybe unconsciously stolen from some personal productivity technique, I don’t know) that are meant to be done for fun. Just to take some time for reflections. To discover things that matter to you. 
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Squeaker Poochlight smart popup copy

Wow! Very creative popup with a message from a pet store founder 😉
Smart popup copy by

In times of boring ‘No Time To Explain. Subscribe!’ popups Squeakerdogs’ team is doing a good job of entertaining us with such simple things and I’m sure enjoying pretty decent conversion rates.