Is there anyone using the boxora app? We’ve stumbled upon a potentially dangerous bug, and that seems to be unsolved.

When we want to ship a goods-out note for an order, we scan each item’s barcode to make sure we’ve picked the right ones. Sometimes boxora loads a lower number of products for of each SKU. This happens with SKUs which have more than 1 item due to pack.

It looks like Brightpearl’s support team took over Boxora support queries and here I quote them on the issue:

This is an issue we have logged internally with our Development Team. Will let you know as we know more on this.

I warn you, don’t use Boxora shipment app unless you want to save some money shipping less than you have to. Hope this will be resolved soon, or we’ll have to code our own solution 😉

At the same time, Boxora’s Tampermonkey browser script works correctly, and I’m very thankful for it.

P.S. Please leave a comment below if you are using Brightpearl and want to know more on how to implement barcode scanning with this ERP.

Update from 05/08/16. We indeed had to code our own solution. It’s a private app at the moment. We invite other BP users to beta-test it. Please drop us a line at if you are interested.